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Try a Ceviche Bar

Ceviche is a warm-weather crowd favorite, and ours takes an unexpected twist.

Ceviche ice bar

Guests savor a refreshing selection of ceviches with shrimp, white fish, or both, with your choice of crisp and flavorful additions from a selection of seasonings and add-in ingredients that complement the seafood and each other.

Meanwhile, our slabs of Himalayan salt earn you the compliments you deserve for the sleek presentation and distinctive dining experience.

Perfectly suited as catered fare, this traditional South American staple subtly titillates the taste buds with seafood that has been uniquely cured in citrus juices rather than cooked over flames, steamed, broiled, or otherwise heated. This helps preserve the more delicate seafood flavors while also enhancing them with a light infusion of citrus.

Mix in perfectly paired add-in items such as tomato, onion, bell pepper, roasted corn, avocado, diced jicama, and other fresh ingredients to provide your guests with a light yet filling menu selection that has been enjoyed and refined for centuries by our South American cousins.

The Ceviche Experience

The Smashing Dishes catered ceviche bar works like this: Your expo cook tosses your custom order on the Himalayan salt slab, then transfers it to a small bowl for you. You can add chili-lime tostada spears (always gluten-free) to scoop with, if you’d like, to complete that Latin sabor.

We’ve designed this action station to provide the healthy, light, and refreshing cuisine that Bay Area crowds so often seek.

A ceviche station also lets event guests control the elements of their meal, from the selection we’ve “cooked up” for you, since there are many variations of style, flavor, seafood type, and country of ceviche origin.

Indeed, ceviche can be as varied as the multitude of countries and regions where the dish is popular, such as Peru, where it originated, or Ecuador, Columbia, Chile, and Central America. As the event host, take advantage of these differences and work with our seasoned sales team to tailor a ceviche bar with ceviche de camarón or pescado, sure to give gusto to your guests.

Ceviche Ice Bar

The Look

To further demonstrate how this station can be a showstopper, at one event, we supported the event’s theme by adding multi-colored flashing lights under the Himalayan salt block for a discotheque vibe! We’re not suggesting everyone do this, of course. It’s just an example of how our savvy team can customize not only the food flavors but the whole experience.

Imagining a salt-block ceviche action station serving as a focal point of your event, we put forth these other, creative event ideas and incorporate them into local venues:

  • The clean, fresh look and feel of an exhibition ceviche station pairs perfectly with the streamlined, clean feel of The Tech Interactive in San Jose. The venue also understandably tends to draw those interested in high tech, many of whom prefer healthy eating. A ceviche bar easily offers a healthy offset to other perhaps-less-healthy food stations.
  • Talk and taste art. The artful presentation of Tony’s salt-block ceviche serves as a striking complement to the modern art pieces showcased in the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art.
  • As relatively light fare, a ceviche station, combined with a variety of tray-passed hors d’oeuvres, could serve as an excellent option for teasing taste buds during a wedding cocktail hour at Blanco Urban Venue, a renowned wedding and events venue with beautiful outdoor cocktail reception space.