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A Smashing Steampunk Grand Opening

Indoor corporate event lights

“In the vast expanse of creative expression, there exists a realm where the past merges seamlessly with the future, where gears turn with the elegance of a bygone era, and where imagination knows no bounds. Welcome to the captivating world of steampunk…a genre that blends Victorian aesthetics with futuristic technology, creating a universe both nostalgic and innovative.”

This is exactly the spirit and sentiment that encapsulates the creation of our flagship new brand, Smashing Dishes. Combining the sophistication and the breadth of our years of hospitality experience with a modern approach to custom-produced events. So what better way to soar into the consciousness of the Bay Area events world than with steampunk-themed interactive food experiences as part of our grand reveal of Smashing Dishes.

The Venue

Blanco Urban Venue, a chic multi-level downtown San Jose events space was the perfect white space to give birth to a steampunk immersion.

Blanco Urban Venue outside
Blanco Urban Venue

The Partnerships

Lighting, floral, costumed artists, photography, musical entertainment, a magician, interactive art, registration, props and decor.

Lighting at an opening party
Lighting & Decor

The Menu

A carvery spotlighting a huge steamship round of beef, with crowd favorite roasted garlic mashed potatoes and mushroom bourguignon for the vegetarians.

Mini entrees built-to order by our culinary team:

  • Smoked trout with caviar and creme fraiche
  • Duck confit with smoked Marconi almonds and house-made seeded gluten free crackers
  • Smoked cheese and potato croquette over romesco sauce
Mech-assisted Small Plates
Mechanical Martini Machine
Steampunk Service

The DIY Ethos

Steampunk embraces the challenge of creating your own gadgets, costumes, and props. Instead of offering an expected buffet line or self-serve food station, our production partner custom-created a conveyor system, festooned will gears and brass fittings to evoke the early 20th century feel. Our culinary team composed small plates, which were sent down the conveyor and delivered to a rotating table below where guests picked up their plates.  The attendees loved the presentation, as this was truly a unique experience.

To add to the overall ambiance, the room was decorated with huge, rotating gears, brown leather couches and metal accent pieces.  A steampunk contraption at the bar dropped olives into a martini, for an extra touch of surprise. Steampunk is a world where every detail, from intricate pocket watches to sprawling cityscapes, evokes a sense of nostalgia for a time that never quite existed, and we brought that feeling to life.

Gears and Metal


Steampunk, and dare we say Smashing Dishes, stand as testaments to the enduring power of creativity. Even in the most unlikely of places—a mishmash of history, fantasy, and ingenuity—we can find beauty and inspiration. So, whether you’re a veteran in the world of special events or a curious newcomer, take a leap into the world of Smashing Dishes and embark on a journey where the only limit is your imagination.